Mini Projectes

Blog using django

I blog post which uses SQLlite as database.

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Image classification using tensorflow lite

A Sample project to shock the implementation of tenserflow lite in android.

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This app provides a Tinder app feature of swiping the books and display your profile it is build by using firebase.

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Android chat bot with dialogueflow integration

Android App which is integrated with dialogueflow and firebase functions with voice assistant(uses microphone and speakers)

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Starting page of android(Login and Signup)

A simple firebase authontication login and register page that you can add to any of your android app.

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Student database

My first C++ project which uses student class to store data in files and retrieve using classes using pointers.

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Give away

A app that can help you send your wastes in the form of posts. ( A mini sharing platform intigrated with firebase).Build for hackathon . Name: Smart India hackathon (SIH)

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Calculater app with some good UI

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AquaTeq(Nodemcu with firebase)

This app uses data from nodemcu which is present firebase and is retrieved using this app and displayed wether water is pure or not .The code for nodemcu written in environment is present here it return a analog value and is sent to firebase database . It is an application of IOT

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Note maker using C++ This is a mini project aiming to create a note maker using C++ Please be advised to use Turbo C++ to compile this program and usage of any other compiler is not recommended.

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